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Gallery 1.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Art basis of these visual figures or graphic drawings in galleries of felt-tip pens on pages of this website are complex crossings of spatial lines in geometrical figures.
Graphic figures or pictures in this and other galleries of my website are made with color felt-tip pens and markers on paper sheets. Namely images are grow out real drawing, and are not products of computer art or otherwise to tell virtual graphical design by means of raster or vector software programs for creation of visual pictures on screens or monitors of personal computers.

Drawing 0.   felt-tip pens and markers       gallery of crossings lines

Drawing 1.   drawings with felt-tip pens       drawings with markers

Drawing 2.   gallery of crossing figures       art of crossing lines

Drawing 3.   color felt-tip pens       color geometrical figures

Drawing 4.   color markers       markers on sheets of a paper

Drawing 5.   products of computer art

Drawing 6.   art or graphic design       complex crossings

Drawing 7.   computer programs for drafting

Drawing 8.   drafting on screens of monitors       gallery on screens

Drawing 9.   computer art of computer programs       geometrical graphic design of computer

The shown graphic figures are visual images which are drawn with felt-tip pens and markers, and consequently are not traditional or otherwise to tell classical works of fine arts, but can be compared to painting in expositions of art galleries, and in particular can be equivalent to black squares in pictures of artist Malevich. Or can be equivalent to graphical works of contemporary painting and many other things of visual art in the event that images are constructed on the basis of philosophical ideas which can be seen in the black square of Malevich, because basis of the shown graphic drawings are equipotent quadrangular geometrical figures.
Figures in this gallery number one are accompanied by commenting texts which describe philosophical and art concepts of suprematic Malevich's black squares. And also commenting texts describe philosophical and art concepts of neo-suprematiism which is modern or new direction of contemporary fine arts. Namely neo-suprematiism which forms conceptual idea of the shown graphic figures, or otherwise to tell is a theme of the shown images which are drawn with felt-tip pens and markers on sheets of dense white paper, and consequently can be interesting as painting objects in expositions of art galleries of contemporary fine arts.


gallery 2 of felt-tip pens